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How to Fix the Acer Laptop that Won’t Boot

Without a computer tasks rendered at office would be incomplete. And a computer malfunctioning again and again is a common thing now. So if you have an Acer computer or laptop that won't boot up, what will you do in this situation. How about troubleshooting a system on your own? Isn’t it a great solution to all your problems? Yes, it is but you must be aware of technical know-how of Acer laptops to fix some of the common technical problems.
Most of you come with problems such as when I turn on the computer, the screen turn blank. The power light of my laptop turn green, but it won’t start, and after a minute it shuts off. One more issue we heard a lot from you is related to the hard drive, when you remove it and reset it on the Acer computer it won’t respond. So, do you need help -- no or yes. Indeed your answer will be yes as it is really hard to cope with all these issues including:

  • Laptop won't turn on
  • Your computer will not boot
  • Bad operating system

We are sharing a few important tips that you need to first check if your computer won’t boot.

A Bad Operating System

Check for the operating system, chances are higher that it has become corrupt may be because of virus attack or any other certain reasons. You can reinstall the OS when troubleshooting the computer and look whether this solves the problem or not. If it doesn’t work, this could be because of a hardware issue.

Problematic RAM

The computer beeps again & again on your Acer laptop signifies that there is a RAM issue. It may be due to insufficient RAM to boot, or the RAM you have could have some error or faulty settings. Try to access the RAM slots to know that RAM is properly installed or not.

Troubleshooting Help

A person can find it far easier to troubleshoot the Acer laptop, by knowing the technical aspects of Acer brand laptops. In case the problem still persists, contact on the Acer Support Australia number (+61-283206015) to receive comprehensive services that they provide. However, there are some issues with the official support team of Acer like waiting time issues and the time taken to solve the problem. That is why we advise you to opt for third party technical support that provides you with the services equivalent of trained technicians.

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